Waarom Omneo?

                  High-end processes are becoming increasingly sensitive to residual contamination on component surfaces. Subsequent removal of contamination is only possible if it falls within the bandwidth of the cleaning method. That is why OMNEO supports, advises, validates, certifies and audits the supply chains in high-tech industries in the field of process control.

                  OMNEO has the in-house expertise to validate (sub)processes and associated additives by means of residual gas analysis (RGA) based on a reference method. OMNEO is also of added value if particle deposition with regard to a component or composition must comply with the specified specification, on the one hand because of its knowledge and on the other hand through the use of its own PDM (Particle Deposition Monitor).

                  In addition, OMNEO specializes in cleaning larger and complex parts (>600mm) based on specifications that apply to centers for fundamental research, the semiconductor industry, optics and electron optics, among others.

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